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Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble

‘Tango Nuevo’- repertoire

Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble has specialized itself in the tango nuevo-repertoire and the exciting world between the classic and world music. New pieces composed by Carel Kraayenhof and the Argentinean pianist and composer Juan Pablo Dobal, are among in the repertoire. Songs from the great tangueros, such as Astor Piazzolla, the father of the Tango Nuevo, are certainly part of the program as well.
The Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble has a strong name in national and international stages and always finds the right musical combination between lyrical, pulsing and harmony. Drama, persuasiveness, energy and joy are the characteristics that spark out of the concert from this devoted and close ensemble. Here is an ensemble who makes music from their core need of making music leading the audience to feel an appealing connection to the stage.


In an energetic concert the fierce Argentine Tango breaks free from its boundaries. The musical shackles are broken and the Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble goes in search of a new intense musical experience. In Liberación the musicians will surpass the standards of a theater concert and look for a shared emotional in music with the audience. But above all, Liberación is a journey in a world where music, image, light and space build a relationship with each other. Meer over Liberación Carel Kraayenhof Liberacion#


Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble’s concerts were a great success.
On Fridaz 8th November (2013) the San Bernardo church was a veritable music temple. The Classical Music Board Bonaire organised a memorable school and evening concert.

The ensemble was a wonderful example of unity and individual virtuosity giving great power, strength and emotion to the music. The Argentinian pianist Juan Pablo Dobal drew much attention with his elegant and technically perfect playing. Bert Vos, the lead violinist was equally amazing and of course Carel with his natural charm and humilty was a joy to watch and listen to
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The Musicians

Repertoire Selection

some examples

Cuatro estaciónes porteñas - A. Piazzolla Verano Porteño, Otoño Porteño, Primavera Porteña, Invierno Porteño,
Libertango - A. Piazzolla
Lampedusa - C. Kraayenhof
Aleppo - C. Kraayenhof
El Corte - C. Kraayenhof
Te llevo en mi alma - C. Kraayenhof
Adiós nonino - A. Piazzolla
El duende de tu son - C. Kraayenhof

Booking Availability

Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble is available for bookings for formal and informal concert halls, festivals and theaters. We are also available as an act during events and parties. The sets may vary from one set of 20 minutes up to 2 sets of 45 minutes.
Please contact us for more details

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