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Sommer Column Carel Kraayenhof – Cats


What I like about cats, is that in our relationship hierarchy never is an issue: far from being able to describe myself as their owner, they choose to co-exist with me.
To put it more accurate: the bottom line is that they are convinced that they are in charge.
The cats who live with us are Blokje and her son Beer (Bear), who is twice as big; long time ago they seem to have lost all awareness…

Summer column Carel Kraayenhof – Yoga


This summer, Carel will write a few columns about his private live. He post them on Tuesday on his facebook. After this he will post them also on his website. Have fun reading them.

Since about two years I do yoga: as, over the last thirty years, my bandoneon playing didn´t seem to loosen up any muscles except for my fingers and my brain, I decided to try to achieve some flexibility in…

Sometimes you are out of luck ………

affiche 30 voor Nieuwsbreif juli

And sometimes all comes together!
The summer vacation period is here and many of you leave for distant places. For others, the sun shines especially here in the Netherlands.
In the past month, Carel has recorded two beautiful tracks with two special Dutch singers. For the new CD of Trijntje Oosterhuis he played together with Uruguayan guitarist Leonardo Amuedo on a moving song, ‘Eenzaam…

Leoni Jansen and special guest Carel Kraayenhof

On 26th of November Carel will be a special guest at the ‘t Kerkhuys in Spanbroek.

Most singers start up alone on the stage with a chair and a guitar. Leoni Jansen does it the other way around. After a series of collaborations projects, the last with eight South African singers, she comes to the ‘t Kerkhuys with her guitar and zither. She sings songs from her Celtic, Americana and, of course,…

Argentina trip – Bandoneons for Jujuy


Bandoneons for Jujuy
After Carel and I saw the documentary ‘El sonido del bandoneon’, by Jiska Rickels, at the end of 2012 we decided to start collecting money to buy bandoneons to bring to Jujuy, one of the poorest provinces in Argentina. We thought it was time to do something back for the country that gave us so much. Above all we believe it is of essential importance that the folklor…

News letter – September

Dear friends and relations,

Dancing on Sexteto Canyengue in Groningen

Sexteto Canyengue 25 years!

This year on 28 September we will perform on occasion of the 20th anniversary of the ‘Stichting (Foundation) Tango Argentina Groningen’ (STAG). In 2013 this foundation will exist twenty years and is not dependant on dancing-schools, locations or economic interests. She belongs to and is…

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