Chacarera – Carel Kraayenhof

I am the best bandoneonist of Noordbeemster! That’s not an alternative fact, but an accurate description: I am the only bandoneonist in our tiny village…So tiny, that, when my twins were born nineteen years ago, the population augmented with one percent.
At the edge of the village lives one of my friends, who is a biological greengrocer; when I asked him what kind of music he would…

Summer column Carel Kraayenhof – E-bike


I first stepped on a bicycle when I was four years old, and kept on biking full-time until I was forty; then I moved to the Beemster and needed a driver´s license, as local public transport didn´t meet my needs as a constant travelling musician. So sadly my bicycle started to feel lonely, and the heavy Beemster wind didn´t improve my urge to make a ride: no matter in which direction you start,…

News letter Carel Kraayenhof

Muziek op de Dommel

Dear friends and colleagues,

With this beautiful weather, is there anything better than listening to great music in a fantastic setting outside with a delicious drink? This can be done on the weekend of 3 and 4 June at the free accessible festival ‘Music on the Dommel’ in Eindhoven. Carel and Juan Pablo play a few songs on the Saturday evening with the Student Harmony Orchestra Auletes wit…

Newsletter March Carel Kraayenhof

Dear friends and colleagues,
Where to start as there are so many good news is that we want to share with you? Below three dates of performances which we are pretty sure you who would wish to see.
On August 24th Carel will perform a concert, after five years, at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. This time in the Kleine Zaal. Together with Juan Pablo Dobal they perform the program ‘Hot…

Edison (Dutch Grammy) nomination for cd Liberacion

Liberacion vd voorkant

Our album ‘Liberación’ is nominated for an Edison World (the Dutch Grammy)!
We are over the moon with happiness and very proud that particularly this CD, which was recorded at the Beauforthuis in Austerlitz (NL) under our own label, through crowdfunding and private savings, was nominated by the jury of the Edison Foundation.

On this CD, of which the release took place in November 2014, ar…

Newsletter -Temporary replacement for Bert Vos

April 2016

Dear friends and colleagues,
It is a fascinating day in the canals van Amsterdam. People walk around on a very warm and sunny day. The air is electrical and the first bees and butterflies fly enchantingly. It was possibly about 20 years ago, when Carel and Leo Vervelde asked me to, temporarily, be the manager for the Sexteto Canyengue. Temporarily because I, a movement actress, was recuperating…

review Hotel Victoria

Hotel Victoria

Review CD: Hotel Victoria
By: Pablo Rego
Once you hold in your hands a CD called ‘Hotel Victoria’ (the title of a classic tango) where the Dutch headliner Carel Kraayenhof plays the bandoneón and the Argentinean Juan Pablo Dobal is on the piano, you can already imagine how full the box of…

Carel Kraayenhof & Juan Pablo Dobal concert Giessen-Germany


On May 20th 2016, Carel Kraayenhof and Juan Pablo Dobal will give a concert in Germany- Giessen.
They will perform the programm: Hot…

Review 4 stars! Hotel Victoria -de Telegraaf

recensie Telegraaf 13 febr. 2016

Carel Kraayenhof and Juan Pablo Dobal travel through the country with the music-performance Hotel Victoria. The cd with the same name is a sensitive reproduction of the emotions shared by travelling musicians. The title refers to the famous Gran Hotel Victoria in Buenos Aires where artists used to meet each other, but is also a link to a tango of 1906. It is not…

Heart Warming reaction – Hotel Victoria

CD presentatie

Hello Abel,
From my email-address the reaction of Mathilde Tiessen on the concert of Carel Kraayenhof in the Noorderchurch. For this concert she got two free tickets. When you read it you will understand how much we enjoyed. Good luck with your programme. We are regular listeners.

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