Compassion (Download)


Thé tango concert with music from Buenos Aires. ‘Compassion’ tells the universal story of how music is capable to connect us as human beings with eachother. Carel Kraayenhof, together with his musicians of Sexteto Canyengue, is the interactive link between their audience and the music. Beautiful lyrics of Horacio Ferrer and Alfredo LePera, and fiery compositions by Bardi, Cobián, Piazzolla and Kraayenhof; with special collaboration of the Argentine singer Omar Mollo. Includes the Kraayenhof compositions ‘Suite Compasión’, ‘Mis pibes’ (‘My boys’) and ‘Viejo Caballo’ (‘Old Horse’), with lyrics by Omar Mollo.

1. Los Cosos De Al Lao
2. Silueta Portena
3. La Casita De Mis Viejos
4. Ojos Negros
5. Viejo Caballo
6. Gallo Ciego
7. Bailarin
8. Mis Pibes
9. Arrabal
10. Suite Compasión I. La Marea – Terremoto
11. II Compasión
12. III. iFuerza!
13. Chiquilín De Bachín
14. Zum
15. Volver
16. Escualo
17. Old Horse (Bonustrack)