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On the album ‘Puro’ (‘Pure’ – Música Argentina) Carel Kraayenhof and the Argentine pianist Juan Pablo Dobal interprete astonishing, polyrhythmical Argentine folk music (zamba, chacarera, cueca and guarania), intertwined with their own compositions and refined tango’s and milonga’s. The free, sparkling dialogue between bandoneón and piano gives us the full musical richness of tango metropole Buenos Aires, but also of the Argentinian pampa, and the headlands of the Andes mountain region. Includes Kraayenhof’s tango ‘El Dino Argentino’ and Dobal’s  ‘Remanso’, ‘Cueca de las nubes’ and ‘Cuando despierto mañana’.

1. De Vuelta Y Media
2. Solitude
3. El Antigal
4. De Allá
5. Cueca De Las Nubes
6. Remanso
7. Zamba De La Candelaria
8. Cuando Despierto Mañana
9. La Raqueña
10. Grillito
11. El Dino Argentino
12. Romance De Barrio
13. A Fuego Lento
14. Decarisimo

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