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In making the cd ‘Street Tango’ Kraayenhof realizes a long cherished dream: the combining of the music of Piazzolla and Leonard Bernstein. Both composers were strongly influenced by their lives in the huge immigrant cities Buenos Aires and New York with their own popular music genres. Thus Piazzolla’s compositions are characterized by the mix of tango with jazz and classical music, while Berstein’s music shows a fusion of jazz with classical and South American music. Kraayenhof and Sexteto Canyengue interprete, alongside the Matangi Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Ed Spanjaard, the music of Piazzolla and arrangements from Bernstein’s musical West Side Story, as well as Kraayenhof’s ‘Desconcierto’.

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In conmemoration of  the day  that tango king Astor Piazzolla passed away, Sexteto Canyengue performed ten days in Buenos Aires during the hommage festival to Piazzolla. These events were documented in the film ‘Nostalgia?’. When you purchase the cd ‘Street Tango’ you recieve a free copy of this documentary road movie.

1. Ausencias (Absence)
2. Street Tango
3. Prologue
4. Desconcierto (Disconcert)
5. Tres Minutos Con La Realidad (Three Minutes With Reality)
6. Resurrección Del Angel (Resurrection Of The Angel)
7. The Rumble
8. Ave Maria
9. Mambo
10. Knife Fight
11. Maria
12. A Boy Like That – I Have A Love
13. One Hand, One Heart
14. Libertango
15. Alma De Bandoneón

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