Tango Maxima

Tango Maxima (CD + Download)


During a fabulous interpretation of ‘Adiós Nonino’ of Astor Piazzolla, over 55 million people worldwide witnessed the ‘tear of princess Máxima’. A passionate Sexteto Canyengue interpretes on this album the most famous tango’s: ‘La yumba’ of Pugliese, ‘Adiós Nonino’ of Piazzolla, ‘A fuego lento’ of Salgán, ‘La cumparsita’ in the style of D’Arienzo en lots more. Tango Maxima shows us the rich variety which the tango culture has to offer. Includes the Kraayenhof compositions ‘Milonga para Thirza’ and ‘Máxima’.

1. La Yumba
2. La Viruta
3. La Punalada
4. Maxima
5. Decarisimo
6. MIilonga Para Thirza
7. El Mangazo
8. La Cumparsita
9. Payma
10. Milonga Del Angel
11. A Fuego Lento
12. Adios Nonino
13. Bordoneo Y 900

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