Tangueros De Holanda

Tangueros de Holanda (Download)


Sexteto Canyengue dedicates this album to all tango lovers: dancers, listeners and players. The history of the tango takes well over a hundred years. ‘Tangueros de Holanda’ presents an anthology from Villoldo’s ‘El Choclo’ (1904) and Matos Rodriguez’ ‘La cumparsita’ to Piazzolla’s ‘Verano porteño’ (1965). In the interpretation,  arrangements and compositions you can hear the musical background of every musician. Includes the Kraayenhof tangos ‘Clavel rojo’ and ‘Para Lalo y Mirta’.

1 Milonga de mis Amores
2 Colores de Tango
3 Para Lalo y Mirta
4 El Marne
5 Corralera
6 Verano Porteño
7 Pata ancha
8 Motivo de Vals
9 Clavel rojo
10 El Choclo
11 La Cumparsita
12 Orillera