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What is perfect happiness? Having fun with Eden and Bert
What is your biggest fear? That something happens to my daughter
With which historical figure do you identify yourself most? Buddha
Which trait of your character do you think the most annoying? Perfectionism
Which trait of other people’s character do you think the most annoying? Selfishness
Which temptation can’t you resist? The sun
What is your favorite vacation? To Eagle Beach in Aruba or Santa Barbara in Curacao
With which part of your appearance are you least satisfied? My big toe
Which living person do you despise? Rutte, Zijlstra and Assad
What do you regret most of all? No idea
When and where was your happiest moment? In Amstelveen, when my daughter was born
What is your present state of mind? Pondering
You may change one thing of yourself. What would it be? Nothing
What is your biggest achievement? Listening to myself
What is your dearest possession? The rings I inherited from my mother in law
What is the deepest point of misery? Going to a concert and forgetting my violin
Where would you like to live? In a canal-side house with a veeery big back garden
What is typically you? Doubter
Which quality do you appreciate the most in a man? Softness
Which quality do you appreciate the most in a woman? Determination
Who are your favorite authors? Vestdijk, Kader Abdolah, Jonas Jonasson, Marquez
Who are your favorite composers? Bartok, Piazzolla, Beethoven, Bach
Who are your heroes? Jeanne d’Arc, Ganddhi, Homerus
What is your motto? Treat others the way you like to be treated yourself



Iefke Wang

IefkeIefke Wang studied violin at the Messiaen Academie with T. Schmidt von Altenstad and Kees Koelmans, graduating in 2006 also as Master in Arts and Sciences at Maastricht University. She studied two years at the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole in Florence with Maria Elena Runza and Boriana Nakev. She has followed several master classes coachings by Roby Lakatos, Moshe Hammer, Rudolf Koelman and Barnabas Kelemen. She was member of string quintet Ambrosia, with whom she toured in Colombia and Spain and had coachings by Antonello Farulli, Riccardo Cecchetti and Corrado Bolsi. Iefke has been a regular guest player in the Gelders Orkest and the Ziryab Orchestra, she performed with Opera Trionfo, Grup Yorum and the Escher Ensemble. Iefke teaches violin at Music School Amsterdam, she is member of Picabia String Quartet, RBO Sinfonia and Shtetl Band Amsterdam. Since 2012 Iefke is also a member of Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble and the Sexteto Canyengue.