Newsletter February

Subject: ‘Milonga to all my loved ones’

CarelenThirza_HansVink_192_108Dear colleagues and friends,

Love is in the air!

14th of February is Valentine’s Day and we would like to offer you, as our much appreciated newsletter receiver, a free download of the composition ‘Milonga de mis Amores’ (composed by Pedro Laurenz, arranged by Carel Kraayenhof) from the CD ‘Tangueros de Holanda’.

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 Carel with the MDR Sinfonieorchester (Germany), conductor Kristjan Järvi

On Wednesday Carel will travel to Leipzig (Germany) to rehearse ‘Suite Compassión’, together with conductor Kristjan Järvi and the MDR Sinfonieorchester. This will be the very first time that the suite will be played in Germany. The concerts will take place on the 8th of February in Suhl and on the 9th of February in Leipzig. On the MDR’s website you can find more information and an interview given by Carel about the concert.

Prins Carnaval Rules, conductor Arjan Tien

For the happy carnival period the Philharmonie Zuid-Nederland has planned a special program with several guest soloists, such as Ellen ten Damme, Kim Savelsbergh and Carel Kraayenhof. Carel will bring to the program the following compositions: Te Apartes a mi (by Francisco Repilado), Libertango, Adios Nonino (both by Astor Piazzolla) and ¡Fuerza! (by Carel Kraayenhof).

Concerts will take place on February 25 and 28 in Den Bosch and Breda (The Netherlands).


In between concerts Carel works on, writing new compositions for the upcoming theater tour ‘Liberación’. The financial investment for this project is quite high; therefore we have, for the very fist time in Carel’s carrier, applied for a subsidy at the ‘Fonds voor de podiumkunsten’ (fund for the performing arts) in The Hague.  In March we hope to hear if we were granted with the subsidy. For this process we received the assistance of Esther Ledeboer , who is also assisting us at the moment with the applications for the subsidies with the VSB-Fund and the Prins Bernard Fund. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that these subsidies will be granted to us so we can kick-start the project.

Met warme greetings,

Carel Thirza


Concerten maart:

9             Basiliek- Hulst – 15:00u     DUO

15           Utrecht – Stefanuskerk (tangofestival Utrecht) SOLO (meer informatie volgt)

23           Roode Bioscoop – Amsterdam – 16:00u DU0

26, 27, 28 ,29 30  DUO als klein onderdeel van concerten met het Grootkoor


Young musicians prepare for the Carla Leurs Competition in a workshop with Carel Kraayenhof.

At 13.00 hours the pupils gathered in the hall of the music-school Waterland where Carel Kraayenhof and his musicians previously played the works to study. Thus the participants immediately entered the atmosphere of the Argentinian tango.

 Next Carel Kraayenhof very briefly told something about the history and the instruments of the tango. Together with the ensemble the most important elements were separately presented and Carel explained what is essential about them and how to play special rhythms and melodic fragments.

After that the participants were divided in 4 workshops. The string-players went to work with the violinists Iefke Wang and Bert Vos of the ensemble and the pianists with piano-player Mark Wyman.

Cellist Jan Willem Troost and bass player Jaap Branderhorst did the same with the bass player and the horn player, while Carel Kraayenhof went to work in the hall with 2 trumpet players and a soprano-saxophonist. Already during the workhops it became clear that a very talented group of young musicians was present. Everyone worked very hard on among others special rhythms, timing, playing very short notes and how to express passionate emotion.

After more than an hour of hard studying and a short break everybody gathered in the hall to work on together and to prepare for the presentation planned at 16.00 hours.

There was much interest for it and about that time the hall was entirely filled with musicians, parents, friends, collegues and members of the Rotaryclub.

The result was astonishing, touching and beautiful at the same time. Carel Kraayenhof at the end stated to be surprised by the present talent. In the name of all participants soprano-saxophonist Mairika Barbier expressed the gratitude for a fantastic music-afternoon. The participants not only had learned a lot, but also had had very much pleasure.

The Carla Leurs Competition is a musical event for young soloists in the field of classical music and is held every two years. Rotaryclub Purmerend is the organizer in cooperation with Music-school Waterland and Theatre De Purmaryn.

eind spel strijkersJoining in a competition most of the time means playing in front of a jury in a qualifying round and trying to reach the finals. The organization of the Carla Leurs Competition thinks that participating in a competition must offer more than that to the participants.

Therefore there was for all of them a workshop with the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble on a Sunday-afternoon in the building of Music-school Waterland in Purmerend. It offered the participants the opportunity to broaden their musical horizon and to learn to know each other in a playful manner.