Special Kings Day Concert, April 28 in Doha, Qatar by Carel Kraayenhof & Juan Pablo Dobal

This year, the Kingdom of the Netherlands marks an extraordinary national day, as it will be the first King’s Day since the investiture of His Majesty King Willem-Alexander in 2013. The Embassy in Doha has therefore planned a special King’s Day celebration at the National Theatre on the evening of April 29th .

The King’s Day Concert will start with an official reception against a backdrop of abundant orange flower arrangements, with special Dutch delights presented by a group of lovely traditional cheese girls. The reception will be followed by a live performance of world famous bandoneón player and composer Carel Kraayenhof (www.carelkraayenhof.nl/en/). Kraayenhof’s performance at the Royal Wedding of Their Majesties King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima in 2002 left an unforgettable impression with many viewers across the world. Kraayenhof and pianist Juan Pablo Dobal will perform several pieces composed by themselves and various other composers.

Seats are limited and the concert is by invitation only. Dutch nationals are invited to register by sending an email to DOH@minbuza.nl. A waiting list system applies on a first come first serve basis.

News letter April

Dear friends and colleagues,
As our good friend and colleague you probably know that in 2006 Carel recorded the CD ‘Guardians of the Clouds’ with Ennio Morricone’s music. This CD is still available in our webshop. Ennio Morricone will be playing in The Netherlands during this next month. Because we highly appreciate you as a receiver of our newsletter we would like to offer you a free Morricone’s composition which Carel recorded but is not present on the CD. The title of this song is ‘Playing Love’, with Sebastian van Delft on the piano.
On April 16th Carel and Juan Pablo will take part on the benefit program from Omreop Max together with the Hersenstichting (brain association) in order to raise as much money as possible for research projects. To be seen on the Dutch channel Nederland 1 at 21:30hrs.

Crowdfunding – Liberación- Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble (CKE)
We would like to thank the more than 75 supporters for their financial donation. With more than 30 days still to go we have reached more than 90% of our financial target for this campaign. It is heartwarming to see all the reactions and donations, from the small to the large ones. Some supporters have donated a great amount, €1.500, and will receive a new composition from Carel as a reward. Carel is also looking forward to all the ‘thank you’ phone calls he will place to all supporters who donated a smaller amount. The musicians are also enthusiastic to meet all the supporters who will come to attend the rehearsals. Our crowdfunding campaign is runs on the Stichting Voordekunst platform. This association is affiliated to the ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling), a cultural organization. This means that any donation to our campaign has tax benefits to the person or company making the donation. For more information please visit: https://www.voordekunst.nl/anbi.
Unfortunately we have not yet found a sponsor for ‘Liberación’. At this moment we do not know if the Fund of Performing Arts will grant us subsidies, especially after being denied subsidies from the VSB Fund. We will keep our fingers crossed, in the mean time the CKE will work on preparing themselves for the show.

Special concerts
On Sunday the 6th of April, at 15:00hrs, Carel and Juan Pablo will give a special unique kids concert at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam. The presentation will be done by Dieuwertje Blok. The concert will last 60 minutes.

In the season 2014-2015 the famous harp player Lavinia Meijer will be the “The Residing Artist” at the Philharmonie in Haarlem. This means that she may plan several exceptional evening programs, with special guests with who she will perform. For September 12 2014 she has invited Carel to program this evening with her. This promises to be a wonderful program. Tickets are available via: LINK

International travel
Currently we are waiting for an answer from the Fund for Performing Arts on our request for travel subsidies so we can finalize the arrangements of our trip to Indonesia at the end of May. If these subsidies are granted, the CKE will give two concerts and a workshop in Jakarta and one concert and workshop in Yogyakarta.
But before that we are going to Germany. ‘Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue’ will perform on the 26th of April in Osnabrück.
After that, on the 29th of April, Carel and Juan Pablo will depart to the Middle East for a private concert.

Warm regards,
Carel and Thirza

In early April several concerts together with www.grootkoor.nl
6 april 15:00u Amsterdam https://www.muziekgebouw.nl/agenda/Concerten/2695/Carel_Kraayenhof/Wat_is_het_geheim_van_de_bandoneon_8_/
13 maart Beets 15:30u https://www.kerkbeets.nl/
20 maart Purmerend 20:00u https://www.p3purmerend.nl/carel-kraayenhof-juan-pablo-dobal/
Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue
26 april Osnabrück, Duitsland 20:00u https://www.euregio-musikfestival.de/
27 april Amsterdam , 18:00 https://www.tangoalma.nl/

“LIBERACION” A theater production where image and music become one based on the theme ‘freedom’.

Carel Kraayenhof has been busy for more than a year and even rehearsals have taken place. Now the entire world may know: together with his ensemble and two filmmakers he is creating a new theater show: ‘Liberación’. A theater production where image and music become one based on the theme ‘freedom’.
It is actually pretty logical, as the bandoneón player and composer Kraayenhof says: “At home we had an “LP” with the song ‘Ouverture 1812’. This song told the story of how Napoleon’s army were defeated by the Russian army in 1812. On the cover you could see a painting from that time period showing a battlefield. That painting showed exactly what the music was about; that made the music live. You could see what you were hearing.”
“We live in a visual time. Everyone matches music and image on their daily lives. I believe that video and music can bring extra excitement to the theater. At times the music will lead and at times the images will guide you on.”
The Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble works together with direction Jos Groenier and filmmaker Joost Gulien. Some pieces have already been worked on. For example images of the Italian island Lampedusa were already edited, here Kraayenhof wrote a powerful composition for. “The fishermen of that island are forbidden to help the African refugees who come ashore in that area of the Mediterranean Sea. ‘Not helping’ goes against their instincts and against their tradition. Long time ago, their grandparents walked on the same shoes as these refugees.”
The images fit the theme, because Kraayenhof does not make music without a meaning. “We have been a little bit around the world and everywhere you can see that the need for freedom ignites the creation of new music. In the past you could see that with the Irish, but now also with the Cubans. Liberación is about the musical freedom. Music with a fancy touch, wanting to reach higher levels.
“That is why I composed a song inspired by Tula, the leader of the slave revolution in Curaçao in 1795. This man held himself to the French Revolution’s ideal: freedom, equality and brotherhood. Based on this ideal the Haitian slaves had already gained freedom. If you travel a lot, just like we do, you gain knowledge and impressions; inspiration.”
Kraayenhof plays a short piece of music. Alex North’s slow theme for the film about the Roman slave Spartacus, who he compares to Tula. It was a milonga, melancholically colored by strings and the bandoneón. Seamlessly, and almost unnoticed, the musical mood turns Irish, when the sounds of the ‘pipes’, bagpipes, play along. “This sound is also generated by the vibration of ‘tongues’. You are influenced by people and the landscapes, you feel how it is to be there.”
All that remains the base of the tango language. That is one of the reasons why he added a piece of music from his mentor Astor Piazzolla in his song ‘Libertango’; but Kraayenhof adapted it to the style of his other musical father: Osvaldo Pugliese.

“Don’t expect an extremely serious evening. Humor and optimism are a great part of it. Just think of how people with big problems, in many different countries, are great in improvising. Argentineans are masters in that, and also in Indonesia they have a good hand in it.
At the end of this year the try-outs will take place and in the beginning of 2015 ‘Liberación’ will have its premiere. Until then a lot of investments have to be done. Challenging, because subsidies are pretty hard to get, or unexciting and because it is such a new concept theaters are somewhat hesitant to book the show. In order to manage to put all that money together we have started a crowdfunding campaign. That means that whoever supports this project financially will receive a special something in return; from an hour at the gym with Carel to a new composition written by Carel dedicated to the supporter/sponsor. How are you going to do that? “This summer I won’t be bored, writing on request is not that crazy, I may even say that it is nice. Composers such as Mozart and Beethoven lived of it.
Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble #