News letter Carel Kraayenhof June, 23

Dear friends and colleagues,
The summer 2015 has started last Sunday the 21st of June and the clouds dripped thick raindrops. Together with Juan Pablo we drove on that day to a concert in Elkrade. Once we arrived at this beautiful South-Limburg small town we were blessed with sunrays through the clouds guiding us toward our German neighbors. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon with a DUO concert, at the former pig’s stable, as part of the ‘Muziekdagen Eys’. After this afternoon we realized how diverse and fascinating our concerts are. In the month of May Carel was twice at Ahoy Rotterdam with the Rotterdam’s Philharmonic Orchestra in the beautiful and successful production Julia! Next to it he the Artist in Residence during the perfectly organized Rabbobank Jazz festival in Amersfoort, where one of the concerts was a concert with the Sexteto Canyengue at the Lieve Vrouwkerkhof. Just a few days later, the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble played a couple of numbers at the Dam Palace in Amsterdam where our Curaçaoan friend Millicent Smeets-Muskus received a special decoration (the zilveren anjer) from the hands of Prices Beatrix. King Willem-Alexander was also present during the event.

TV and new CD
In the meantime, the future is calling for attention.
Carel will record an episode of the TV show ‘Linda’s summer week’ (Dutch channel RTL 4, airs on the 28th August) where he performs a song together with singer Wouter Hamel. Following that, Carel and Juan Pablo will record their new album ‘Hotel Victoria’ on June 28 and 29 at Splendor in Amsterdam.

CKE met Dudi & Kyra
Summer break
This year we have decided to take our summer break between 9 and 28 of July. Our office will be close during this period.

Open-air concerts CKE – August
Don’t miss this chance!
In early August the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble will perform a few open-air concerts in different locations in The Netherlands. In Noordwijk at the beach; in Alkmaar at the Canadaplein; and in Amsterdam at the Vondelpark. For more information please visit our website.

For everyone who was not yet able to catch one of the Liberación theater shows, there are a few chances left. On November 19th we will perform at the Munttheater in Weert (NL) and on November 28th at the Philharmonie in Haarlem. During the next season the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble will also perform the repertoire from the CD Liberación (available at our web shop) in a concert version: ‘Liberación In Concert’. These are concerts without the special scenography, light design and the beautiful video images. For more information and concert date please visit our website.

Nieuwsbrief foto
Musicians Information
Did you know that in our website you can find more information about most of our musicians and crew? Look for the biographies and click on the button ‘Insider’s view’. You can also find this for Thirza, Juli and Rimmert on our contact page. We would like to know what do you think about this new information.

We wish you a great summer. For the ones going on vacation, we wish you a great trip and a safe return home. In the name of our musicians and our team we thank you for your support on the first half of 2015. We are always glad to hear back from you. Please feel free to reach us on Facebook or on Twitter.

Warm regards,
Carel and Thirza

Carel Kraayenhof can now be followed via Meerkat

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 11.19.59

Carel Kraayenhof can now be followed via Meerkat

As of now Carel Kraayenhof is also on Meerkat. What this is and for whom it is meant is described in a summary we found on the internet.

By: Casper Paans on Wednesday 18 March 2015 on 12:00.
‘You should have been there’, is a statement you often hear, but it seldom was so easy to realize that ‘should have’ as with the new app Meerkat. During the first week the app was already downloaded 28000 times and that number keeps rising. But what can you do with Meerkat? And why is it so incredibly popular? Meerkat is a new social medium that from one day to another had hundreds of thousands of downloads. From where does this app come so suddenly? And what makes the live-stream-app so popular?
What is Meerkat?
With Meerkat you can film live at any time. That can be while you are cooking or while playing the newest GTA-game, but lately the app is more often used for live-events. When you start a live-event, it appears on Twitter. Other twitterers can see your stream and react. Very handy to quickly share information. If they like your report they can choose to be informed whenever you make another video.
Meerkat has been developed by the 27 years old programmer, Ben Rubin. He got a plan to share live-images with friends via a special app.
The idea to stream live videos is not new. It is also possible via other apps and sites like Ustream. And even Youtube can live-stream events. What makes Meerkat so popular then?
Very simple
It is particularly the ease you start a livestream with. Everybody can start a stream directly from his smartphone on every moment of the day. It demands a few pushes on the button – the whole process takes half a minute at most. That is quite different from most livestreams you see at Youtube at this moment. For these often cameras are still installed standing on a fixed point and the streams are often still managed by professional companies.
For everybody
Meerkat wants that the user can simply film on the street
Set back
Yet the app had to deal already with a few set backs. Namely Twitter tried to prevent the app by blocking the access to it. At the start there was the possibility to watch the streams directly via Twitter, but that is no longer possible. The stream has to be opened now in the app, an extra obstacle for the user.
That sounds familiar. Twitter did the same before with Instagram. Earlier one could examine an Instagram-photo completely via Twitter, but now it is only possible via a link. The same thing now happens with Meerkat.