Newsletter January 2014

As our good friend or colleague you will receive throughout this year first hand information about the developments of our new theatre tour “Liberación”.

Warm regards,

Carel and Thirza



Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble becomes Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble

During our last tour, ‘Puur’, the KTE played only pure tangos. The musical base for the show ‘Liberación’ are new compositions which have been composed specially for ‘Liberación’. For these compositions, Carel Kraayenhof looked for a new level in tango. Carel composes tango in his special own way, with musical connections to other music styles and other cultures. These compositions set the classical tango free. In this way ‘Liberación’ brings a new tone to the tango language and enhances the bandoneón’s expression. The musicians will perform this new program under the name Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble (CKE).

Liberación’s artistic team

The director Jos Groenier, video editor Joost Gulien and light designer Uri Rapaport have been chosen to work together with us for Liberación. Jos and Joost both have a musical background. They think, just as Carel, from the music, from a specific abstract feeling. They use musical elements, such as the composition, rhythm, and dynamic to develop images and the connection between images. The combination of the video images and music are considered by both of intense importance in order to pass on a theatrical feeling. The final result of their work brings us real music and sound synergy. This because the images are not used to illustrate the music but it is fully integrated in the music.

Liberación’s artistic team consists of Carel Kraayenhof, Jos Groenier (director) and Joost Gulien (video art). They have met several times in order to further develop and shape the artistic vision of Liberación. An important click has developed among the three of them. An important factor in this click was Jos and Joost’s musical background. Each one of them also wants to use their work to reach the emotional world of the audience.

Theatre booking of Liberación

After having booked shows for two theatre seasons of Carel’s ensembles ourselves, in September 2013 we singed with theatre bookings office ‘Lommerde en Tonen’ from Amsterdam, for the bookings for Liberación. After having difficulties booking our show, which will premier in January 2015, they have informed us of their decision of ending our agreement. It is not new to us that the Dutch theatre world is facing difficulties and that programming offices are not taking any financial risks. Unfortunately we were not able to convince ‘Lommerde en Tonen’ that this is a temporary situation and to find a new formula of teamwork, between their office and our management, in order to successfully book Liberación to the Dutch theatres.

Juli and Thirza have now started the process of booking the show ‘in house’, and are contacting theatres personally in order to promote this great show.