Compositions for Liberación donors

The last compositions for the donors for the theater show Liberación have been written by Carel Kraayenhof. Just about one year ago we have asked friends and fans for a financial donation in order to be able to make our theater show Liberación. There were donations from €25 to €1.500 and for each amount we offered something special in return. For donations of €1.500 Carel would write a special composition. Many people made their donations and more than €10.000 was collected. Five people donated €1.500. For each one of the them Carel has written a composition.Two of them have made it to the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble’s newest album: ‘So long, Island’ and ‘So many partings’.

The last three compositions are now also ready and will be presented for the first time on May the 3rd at the Plantage Tango Salón (by Arjan and Marianne) in Amsterdam.

The three brand new compositions are:
Mas Mugre (More Mud)
The tango, as said in Buenos Aires, comes from the mud. It is drunk in the dirt, as the text from the well known tango ‘Ultima Curda’ says. The new tango generation doesn’t really get inspiration from the Astor Piazzolla direction, but more from the Osvaldo Pugliese side of tango. Pugliese’s tango style is known by strong driving rhythm, commanded by the piano, bass and bandoneóns. This rhythm is called Yumba. Yumba is still found on the hands of the new tango players in Buenos Aires.

Da me polenta (Give me energy)
Polenta is actually cornmeal, but if someone says is Buenos Aires “Give me polenta” they mean “Give me energy”, “Give me power”. Therefore ‘tocar con polenta’, ‘play with energy, power’ is a standard calling that is part of tango.

Opera 79
This composition Carel wrote for his friends Arjan Sikking and Marianne van Berlo. It is a milonga, but it does have a Habanera touch to it. The title suggests that Carel has written 78 operas before, but it has nothing to do with that. Opera 79 is simply the home address from Arjan and Marianne.

For more information on May 3rd:

Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue in Heerlen!

Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Canyengue will play Argentine tango’s and milonga’s to be danced to! This, on May 24 in Heerlen!

The second edition of this sparkling tango festival breathes even more Argentine ‘passión”. The steaming ‘Orquestra Típica’ sets the Limburgzaal on fire while dancers dance the night away in a special atmosphere. There will be workshops, demonstrations and films about the Tango’s ‘corazón’. An ongoing ‘milonga’ gives everyone the chance to dance and to experience the feeling of Argentina. Even only watching is pure enjoyment! The complete program will be published in January 2014.

Tango Brutal. Internacional Tango Festival Heerlen 2014 presents for the Grande Finale the Dutch tango-maestro Carel Kraayenhof y su Sexteto Cnayengue. They will kick off on Saturday the 24th of May at the Limburgzaal of the Parkstad Limburg Theaters in Heerlen. For more information: The rest we will keep as a nice secret!

Heerlen SC 24 mei 2014
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