Memorias De Cuba (Download)


On the album ‘Memoirs of Cuba’, Carel Kraayenhof introduces to us a new sound: never before were the rhythms and musical instruments of this Caribbean Island combined with the voice of the Argentine tango, the bandoneón. Accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra with Lucas van Merwijk and Jurre Haanstra,  four special guests contribute to this new cd with vocal intermezzi: apart from the Cuban singers Estrella Acosta and  Fabián Nodarse, you can hear the voices of their Dutch colleagues Trijntje Oosterhuis and Blof-singer Paskal Jakobsen. Includes the Kraayenhof bolero ‘Te llevo en mi alma’ (‘I carry you in my soul’).

1. Te Apertes De Mi
2. La Comparsa
3. Pintate Los Labios Maria
4. Como Siento Yo
5. Lágrimas Negras
6. Te Llevo En Mi Alma
7. Quizas, Quizas
8. Si Senor
9. Ayer
10. Dos Gardenias
11. Mi Tierra
12. Pedacito De Papel