¡Fuerza! (Download)


The album ‘!Fuerza!’ (‘Keep your spirits up!’) of the Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble shows that tango is a mix of ‘cultivated emotion’ and ‘stylized agression’. In the Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble band leader Kraayenhof combines the sound of his bandoneón with that of the string quartet, with double bass and piano. Especially the dramatical sound scape of bandoneón and strings adds colour to this album.  Half of the compositions are written by Kraayenhof: ‘Lagrima añeja’, ‘El duende de tu son’, ‘The Chase’, ‘Te llevo en mi alma’, ‘!Fuerza!’ and ‘Desconcierto’.

1. Lagrima Añeja
2. Il Postino
3. Primavera Porteña
4. Verano Porteño
5. El Duende De Tu Son
6. The Chase
7. Te Llevo En Mi Alma
8. Otoño Porteño
9. Invierno Porteño
10. ¡Fuerza!
11. Desconcierto
12. Adiós Nonino