Rocco Boness, since 20 years the tuner of Carel Kraayenhof’s bandoneons

It has been already 20 years since Rocco Boness became the tuner of Carel Kraayenhof’s bandoneons. This in Oldenburg (Germany) living musician revises and repares not only Carel’s bandoneons but buys bandoneons from privates and dealers. Of course he is always looking for the Stradivarius among the bandoneons. the Doble AA (Alfred Arnold), but sometimes he buys up other bandoneons. In case you’re interested in starting to play the bandoneon we advice you to contact Rocco Boness. He can advice you which studymodel fits you the best. He revises selflessly the bandoneons that Carel and Thirza search for their project in Jujuy, North Sargentini. (see previous messages about this on the website) More information:



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