Newsletter 4 aug. Carel Kraayenhof

Dear friends and colleagues,
Thank you all very much for the nice reactions to the ‘insider’s view’ on our musicians in our website.
The Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble has started works again after our vacation and last Saturday had a sold out concert at the beach in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. It was a breath taking evening with a red sunset and a full moon!
Next weekend the Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble will give two concerts (with free entrance): on Saturday the 8th in Alkmaar (20:30 hrs) at the Canadeplein and on Sunday the 9th in Amsterdam at the Vondelpark (12:30 hrs).
After these concerts, the CKE can be heard again on the 4th of September in a beautiful church in Voorschoten (NL).

Wouter Hamel and Carel Kraayenhof
In our last newsletter we mentioned the TV broadcasting from the program ‘Linda’s Summer week” were Carel and Wouter Hamel perform a song together. Then we mentioned the broadcast would take place on the 28th of August, but it will actually be on the 27th of August, on RTL 4 (Dutch TV sender). The beautiful romantic song that will be performed on the show will then be available as a download on iTunes and via our own website (a small charge applies).

Lavinia Meijer and Carel Kraayenhof will record an album together
The record label from Lavinia Meijer, Sony Music The Netherlands, is currently looking into the possibilities for a collaboration album between Lavinia and Carel. This should happen in a very short future. The goal is for the album to be available for the first concert of this special duo in October. More information will be available soon on our website.

Album CD Juan Pablo Dobal and Carel Kraayenhof
At the end of July Carel and Juan Pablo have recorded their new album at Splendor in Amsterdam, called ‘Hotel Victoria’. At this moment it is not known when the album will be released, as Sony Music wants to have priority brining their album out. But we half way there with the material ready!
The next DUO concert, of August 27th at a roof in Amsterdam North, is sold out!

Carel Kraayenhof’s own YouTube channel
Did you know that you can sign up for Carel Kraayenhof’s own YouTube channel?
By doing that you get the chance to watch our new films first hand.
Here you can see one of our newest films, the start of last Saturday’s concert in Noordwijk:

Warm regards,
Carel and Thirza

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