Summer column Carel Kraayenhof – E-bike

e-bikeI first stepped on a bicycle when I was four years old, and kept on biking full-time until I was forty; then I moved to the Beemster and needed a driver´s license, as local public transport didn´t meet my needs as a constant travelling musician. So sadly my bicycle started to feel lonely, and the heavy Beemster wind didn´t improve my urge to make a ride: no matter in which direction you start, you always seem to have a strong headwind.
When Thirza decided to buy an E-bike because of the condition of her knees, I realized it would be a tiresome job keeping up with her: so I purchased one too.
Although it defies all courageous behavior of a true Spartan, I can call myself now the proud owner of a Sparta E-bike. Definitely the best therapy you can get: some magical force is giving me a push whenever I need it…So coming from the supermarket on my amazing bike with heavy-loaded saddlebags, at twenty miles an hour, I tend to overtake surprised youngsters in disbelief on their sporting bikes…

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