Argentinian tangoshow,business-parties and congresses

Last weekend Carel contributed to the televisionprogram ‘In de Hoofdrol’, in which he played a beautiful solo for the guest of honour. Who this guest is and when you can see this broadcast you can soon read on our site.In the period to come Carel Kraayenhof will mainly play at congresses and business-parties.Together with his Sexteto Canyengue he will be working in the future months on his new show ‘Compassion’.In co-operation with manager Thirza Lourens and director Karel de Rooij they will develop the idea for this theatre-concert, that will have its premiere at the end of October 2009.In January 2009 Carel Kraayenhof will play as a solist with the Limburg Symphony Orchestra (Conductor Ed Spanjaard) and with the London Symphony Orchestra (Conductor Kristjan Järvi).

In the meantime Carel and the Sexteto Canyengue are occupied with a large project with Kristjan Järvi’s Absoluut Ensemble for the prestigious festival in Bremen (Germany) in the middle of August 2009, for which project a completely new repertoire is written.More about this later.

Tango, tango and more tango

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