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Distant RelativesThe new series of the history programme ‘Verre Verwanten’ (Distant Relatives) has started, taking two guests back in time to find out about their ancestors.Now it’s Carel’s turn!The programme not only delves into a number of family stories but also reveals the identity of the oldest ancestor the Central Bureau for Genealogy was able to find. Sometimes it appears to be a very famous one: William of Orange, Van Oldenbarnevelt, Sweelinck, Huygens, Stevin, to mention a few examples from the first two series.

With Carel is Anouk Wijbergen, a woman who turns out to have very famous ancestors from Dutch history. The identity of these ancestors is a surprise for the programme’s guests as well as for the viewers.

Saturdaynight 10 November 2007, Nl-2, 20:10-21:00

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