Carel Kraayenhof answers questions

Dear fans and concertvisitors,I would like to thank you all very much for your support and reactions in this past year.Not only in the Netherlands I felt very welcome this year, but also in China, Germany, Australia, Austria and Greece. I would very much like to answer personally all the questions which are mailed to my management and end up in the guestbook of this site. But I don’t succeed in creating sufficient time, so I regularly have to ask my manager, Thirza Lourens, to do this for me. In this past year I did a lot of solowork with several symphony-orchestras in the Netherlands and abroad, performed regularly at congresses and business-parties and gave less concerts with my own tangosextet ‘Sexteto Canyengue’. This has to do with the fact that the Netherlands seem to be to small to make a theatre-tour with this ensemble every year. So we do this every two years.I am very much looking forward to make the Argentinian tangoshow ‘Compassion, in the season 2009 together with my ensemble.

And yet two answers to questions, I just found in the guestbook:Question 1 from Wouter Schmidt: What means Fracanapa?Answer Carel: Dear Wouter, to tell you the truth, I have no idea! But I am going to find out for you.Question 2 from Janneke: Is there a clip of ‘Milonga del Angel’, because it is such a comforting number.Answer Carel: Dear Janneke, unfortunately not yet, but I understand what you mean. The version I play you can (for the time being) only listen to on the cd ‘Tango Royal’.I wish you all wonderful days and a good start of 2009.Carel Kraayenhof.

Word of thanks to all his fans

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