Carel Kraayenhof in De Uitweek of Broadcasting Gelderland

Looking forward to cultural season with Angelique Krûger.This evening Carel met on Gelderland TV the talented melodeon-player Lotte. Together they explored and listened to each other’s instrument. And Carel told about his preparations for his new show ‘Compassion’.From 7 through 11 September Angelique Krûger explores on a daily base the Gelderland stages. What will they offer next season culturally? Musical, cabaret, dance, drama, visual arts and film. Of young talents and old acqaintances, of professionals and amateurs. Cultural with a capital and with a small letter c.These are the ingredients of De Uitweek of Broadcasting Gelderland.

Try-out ‘Compassion’: 9 October Theatre Caroussel in Ommen, 0529 451638Try-out 23 October: Cool Kunst & Cultuur in Heerhugowaard, 072 5347 662.Premiere ‘Compassion’: 6 November in De Meervaart in Amsterdam, 020 4107777.

Argentinian tango: Broadcasting Gelderland

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