Carel Kraayenhof to China

Carel Kraayenhof has been asked by the Chinese government to participate in a benefitconcert on behalf of the victims of the earthquake, that took place a month ago. This concert will take place on 30 July in the congress-center (6000 chairs!) near the Square of Heavenly Peace. The concert will be broadcasted on television in entire Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In all probability Carel Kraayenhof will perform with the National Symphony Orchestra of China.We will keep you posted.

In the meanwhile we had our yearly outing with all the musicians and with the crew of ‘Carel Kraayenhof’s Sexteto Canyengue’.Furthermore we gave our permanent crew a face for you. Just visit our webpage ‘contacts’ and find out who hide behind the names Sylvia Snel, Juli Golin and Niek Beemsterboer.Manager Thirza Lourens takes a time out until 21 July, but Sylvia Snel will look after her business!

Big benefitconcert in Peking

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