CD “PURO” By Carel Kraayenhof and Juan Pablo Dobal releasedata july 5, pre-order now!

The CD PURO by Carel Kraayenhof and the Argentinean pianist Juan Pablo Dobal appears Thursday, July 5. On this CD with the hit Solitude by Astor Piazzolla is also a lot of Argentine folk music (Chacarera, Guarania, Zamba, vals criollo, tango). This CD is the entire month of July special for visitors of our website to order with free shipping! The CD comes with an invoice for payment. The CD costs € 15. Send us an email through our template ‘contact’ on this website with the following information: * your name * your address * your phone number. * CD title.

Compositions on this Album:

1.   De vuelta y media (milonga)      -M. Barbieri Arr: P.Reil
2.   Solitude -A.Piazzolla   Arr: Duo
3.   El Antigal -D.Toro/A.Petrocelli/A.Arce  Arr:D.Vedia/DUO
4.   De allá (chacarera) -P.Giménez    Arr:C.Garcia,
5.   Cueca de las nubes  -J.P. Dobal   Arr:DUO
6.   Remanso (guarania)    -J.P. Dobal
7.   Zamba de la Candelaria   -E.Falú        Arr:DUO
8.   Cuando despierto mañana (chacarera) -J.P Dobal
9.   La Raqueña (zamba)  -A.Yupanqui    Arr:C.Garcia/DUO
10. Grillito (tango)   -H.Salgán Arr:CK
11. El Dino Argentino (tango)  -C. Kraayenhof   Arr:CK
12. Romance de barrio (vals criollo)   -A. Troilo   Arr:DUO
13. A fuego lento (tango) -H.Salgán    Arr:DUO
14. Decarisimo  -A. Piazzolla

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