Celtic night with Kraayenhof in theatre Cuijk

In the theatre of Cuijk Carel Kraayenhof will present a program with Irish folk on 9 April, together with a number of Dutch topmusicians. Especially for this concert the famous Irish ladysinger Niamh Parsons will come to Cuijk. Last year in July this ensemble gave a sparkling concert with her in a jam-packed Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Twenty-eight years ago Carel played the concertina in a.o. Irish folkmusic and performed with it. “If I wouldn’t have started to play concertina and Irish folk, then I probably never would have played tango. My roots as a bandoneónplayer actually lie in the concertina and the squeezebox (diatonic accordion).But how will it be when I return with the bandoneón in the Irish music that I played then? The concertina fuses very well with the other instruments, but the bandoneón has other possibilities than the concertina and the Irish squeezebox. That makes one curious.”This ‘portable harmonium’ has more playing possibilities because of the wide tonerange, but also as for sound there are interesting possibilities. The two halves of the bandoneón actually sound like two instruments; the left side more melancholic and warm, the right sidemore cheerful, light, but also vivid. The two melodic ‘halves’ not only can start a dialogue with each other, but they also can fuse with other instruments as the uilleann pipes and the low whistle. “If the bandoneón performs the soul of the tango, then the pipes and the low whistle do the same for the Irish folkmusic.” Read further on Carel’s ‘solopage’ on this website and then click to ‘Celtic night with Kraayenhof’.

Extra concert Irish project on 9 April

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