Chinese massages keep Carel Kraayenhof going.

With this I want to introduce to you my masseur, Mr. Li. After my voyage in China in 2008 I have myself regularly massaged.I’m convinced that these massages have a preventive impact both spiritual as physical on my health.I seldom suffer from injuries and in a spiritual way these massages work as well. I would like to advise to you all to experience a massage of this man for once. His clinic is in Amsterdam near the Central Station. And for a treatment of 60 minutes you pay €35.Send an email from this website to my management or call us for his phonenumber and address!

It is really fantastic to give your body a workover from time to time. So that you can go on with your life without pain or tiredness.These massages also will help you with complaints as: insomnia, stress, fatigue, migraine, rheumatism and after a stroke.

Chinese massages healthy and preventive for body and spirit.

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