Classical Musicweek attracks new audience with Carel Kraayenhof

Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Carel Kraayenhof (Bandoneon), under the direction of Candida Thompson on 2/11 in Muziekcentrum Eindhoven. Still to come in Rotterdam (4), Utrecht (5), Amsterdam (6), Haarlem (7), Maastricht (8), Heerlen (9).

In its objective to draw a new audience to the concerthall the organization of the Classical Musicweek seemed to have been successful last sunday. If at a concert there is applause between the different parts, you may assume that the hall is filled with unaccustomed newcomers.Bandoneonplayer Carel Kraayenhof couldn’t care less when this happened to him in Muziekcentrum Frits Philips. Alternately with Michiel Weidner of Amsterdam Sinfonietta he already had informed his audience in an informal way about what was going to come. Also in other ways the program challenged the formal concerttradition; parts of works sounded like independent compositions, which even on Radio 4 is kind of a taboo. Candida Thompson, leader of Amsterdam Sinfonietta, opened as a solist in Astor Piazolla’s “Verano Porteño”, the summerpart from his cycle “The four seasons of Buenos Aires”, a Vivaldi-imitation with the necessary effects.In the following Bandoneonconcert -also Piazolla- the Argentinian figurehead had much more to offer compositionwise. Not only the Tom-Thumb-effect of such a humble instrument of which the volume easily can compete with an army of string-players, impressed, but above all the genuine musicality particularly expressed in the middle part. Inspired and freely lots of lyrical and rhapsodic outpourings flowed from Kraayenhof’s instrument.Firm, but yet delicate kettledrumblows marked the turbulent final. Also the “Concert for Stringplayers” by Piazolla’s teacher Alberto Ginastera was played in a smaller form: only the last two parts of it sounded, but again very convincing. Impressive whispering-music by which also this audience of newcomers was intimidated.Quite rightly that the orchestra is going to record this striking composition on cd.”Last round” of Argentinian Osvaldi Golijov surprised. The sometimes nicely contrary stringsounds appeared to be ideal for a tango-choreography invented and performed by the Argentinian dancing-couple Sabrina and Ruben Véliz.As a cherry on a sweet pie acted of course “Adios Nonino”, with which Kraayenhof showed out a satisfied audience.

Newspaper TROUW by Kees Arntzen

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