Dutch Delta Sounds: World from The Netherlands in Songlines Magazine

The August/September edition of the leading British music-magazine Songlines contains an actual summary of Dutch ‘world music’, accompanied by the bonus-CD ‘Dutch Delta Sounds’ on which there is a track of Carel Kraayenhof & Sexteto Canyengue.

The Netherlands are worldwide known for the windmills and techno-dj’s. Less known is the country as a turntable for unique musical cross-overs.

What the Mississippi symbolizes for New Orleans is the Rhine for the Netherlands. In this delta of Western Europe, on the boundary between land and water, originated a musical more-streamscountry. On the one side influences from Eastern- and Southern-Europe silted, on the other side from the whole world. Via the sea as from the 17e century the Netherlands were connected  with Africa, Asia, North- and South- America. More than ever this heritage – an open attitude to absorb ánd to pass on influences from four directions of the wind – colours the Dutch musicworld today.  You will find here cross-overs between jazz and pop with music from the Balkans, Surinam, Indonesia and Morocco, but also with influences  from the Dutch Antilles, Turkey and Portugal. In short: Dutch Delta Sounds!

On Dutch Delta Sounds there are 18 tracks from the following artists:

Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Arifa, Baraná Trio, Boi Akih, Carel Kraayenhof & su Sexteto Canyengue, Combinatie XVI, Fra Fra Sound, Getetchew Mekuria & The Ex, Izaline Calister, Julya Lo’Ko & Erwin van Ligten, Kasba, Maria de Fátima, Mdungu, Minyeshu, NO blues, Oswin Chin Behilia, Raj Mohan and STriCat. (Full tracklist)

Foundation RitMundo: compilation and editorial Stan Rijven/management Sonja Heimann/mastering Niels Brouwer/translations Scott Rollins/design studio Ron van Roon

Songlines is available in the Netherlands from July 22# in the better bookshop and specialized recordshops. Distributor is Coast to Coast: info@coasttocoast.nl
Information: RitMundo: www.ritmundo.org / Songlines: www.songlines.co.uk

Dutch Delta Sounds is realized by Foudation Ritmundo with financial contribution of Buma Cultuur, Muziek Centrum Nederland and the Dutch Ambassy in London.

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