Heart rhythm research during concert in Beets this Sunday.

How can music touch our hearts? The human body can feel safe, but also in a state of alertness when we are in tension and stress, if we have to fight or flee. Our emotional brain plays an important role that is driven by our heartbeat. Music can affect our heart rhythms. At this concert with Carel Kraayenhof there will of course be beautiful emotive music. During the concert some people will have there heart rhythms monitored. The heart rhythm of Carel Kraayenhof will also be measured and showed on screen. Ten minutes before the concert there will an informative explanation about this research.
If you are interested in participating in this research, just call us on +31636404882 and ask for Kees Blase
Concert starts at 16.00
Location: Church in Beets (NL)
For more information: www.hartfocus.nl
photo: Sacha de Boer
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