Henk Hupkes: pianos, grand pianos, guitars

Last 21 September Carel and his sons Kim and Jelle opened the second store of Henk Hupkes. Carel, who owns a small Yamaha grand piano, on which he writes his arrangements and compositions, has this instrument tuned and if necessary overhauled by Henk Hupkes for over twenty years.

From 30 September on there is in the Kraayenhof residence a real Henk Hupkes piano, on which Kim and Jelle can play. In cooperation with a factory in China Hupkes succeeded in building high quality pianos and grand pianos, which are very affordable. We can strongly recommend these Henk Hupkes instruments to everyone. In his store in Zeist Hupkes also has instruments of Wendl & Lung, Yamaha, etc.More info: www.henkhupkes.nl.

Henk Hupkes opens second store in Zeist.

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