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Review Carel Kraayenhof/Memorias de Cuba. Universal Music 2008Teacher in Tango Carel Kraayenhof shows himself a master and he opens on bandoneon the CD with ‘Te Apartes de Mi’. Your thoughts go straight to Cuba, the country of the Buena Vista Social Club.These last mentioned sure had an influence on Carel’s playing. Paskal Jakobsen, the singer of Bløf, sings the number ‘Pedacito de Papel’, written by Eliades Ochoa of the Buena Vista Social Club. Accompanied by another teacher, namely in Cuban percussion, Lucas van Merwijk on timbals and drums and Nils Fischer on conga they succeed in opening the heart and the music flows in, the world is round again. For instance with ‘Pintate los Labios, Maria’. The lips of Maria do well in the Cuban repertoire. Trijntje Oosterhuis keeps surprising and sings, it is true a little bit unaccustomed, the number ‘Lagrimas Negras’. It has been beautifully arranged and knows like the other compositions much melancholy and romance. The Metropole Orchestra alights as a pleasant still life and shows itself the classic friend in the whole. Of course the Cuban backgroundsingers and lady-singer Estrella Acosta don’t miss. They are very important in reaching the characteristic ambiance. Even if you never were in Cuba, you will never forget.(Text: Jan Klupper, Muziekpodia)

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