Premiere Compassion very festive

The premiere of Compassion on 6 November will be very festive!Preceding the concert tangoschool Tango Argentino, of Arjan and Marianne, will provide for a free tangolesson for everyone who never danced the Argentinian tango before.Everybody with a ticket can just join in. During the pause of the show tangodancers will perform and you yourself may try out your first tangosteps in this unique tangosalon.After the show the tangosalon will continue until 13:00 h!During the premiere beautiful tangopaintings by Marianne van Berlo can be admired.

You will be there, won’t you?Don’t forget to buy tickets. Telephonenumber of De Meervaart: 020 4107777.

Dancing on 6 November in De Meervaart

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