Russia and Tango of Kraayenhof and Canyengue

For the fifth time Carel and his musicians will go to Russia for a short tour.This time he and Sexteto Canyengue will give a concert on 3 December in the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg and after that on 4 December a concert in Ekaterinburg, a city with a fantastic audience.

On 5 December the dancers Arjan Sikking and Marianne van Berlo will join the group in Moscow together with the Argentinian singer Omar Mollo. On that day they will give, just like last year, a great show in the International Hall of Music.Prior to the premiere of Compassion on Friday 6 November in theatre De Meervaart the dancers Arjan and Marianne will give a free tangolesson for all the visitors of the show.Start 19:30,

Carel Kraayenhof and Sexteto Canyengue to Russia again!

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