Sexteto Canyengue in Russia 5

Yesterday the musicians had a 3 hours drive from Chelyabinsk to Nizhny Tagil. Between Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Tagil there is one road connecting these two cities. It is a two-lanes road, but so bumpy that Carel feared that a cardoor would fall off or a windscreen would break. That wouldn’t have been funny with a temperature of 25 degrees below zero! Nizhny Tagil was a forbidden town until 20 years ago and could not be found on any map. This town, like 20 years ago, has a large steelindustry, producing weapons for the Russian army. In the old days the inhabitants were not allowed to tell where they lived and had restricted travelling possibilities. The first steamtrain was also made here.

Our musicians had a very warm welcome. The mayor and the alderman of culture were present. On friday was the opening of the accordionfestival in which Sexteto Canyengue will perform tonight. And so Canyengue was the guest of honour on this special evening. At the end the organization offered the musicians a nice dinner at long tables, sprinkled with wodka and beer, alternated by many speeches at the end of which toasts had to be proposed.Concert tonight at 19:00 h.

From Chelyabinsk to Nizhny Tagil

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