Stop cultural impoverishment!

The ending of the negotiations for the forming of the new cabinet of VVD and CDA with tolerance-support of the PVV only seems a matter of time.Although the contents of the coalition agreement and the matching tolerance agreement are not yet known, it seems to be certain that the new cabinet intends to disproportionally cut down on the art- and culture-budget.In the lobbies is spoken of cutbacks of 220 millions of euros, that is 21% of the art- and culture-budget.This bothers me a lot!Sign the petition on Come to De Balie in Amsterdam you all on Friday, start 14:00 h.

Don’t forget to make reservations for the theatre-concerts of Compassion.This show, with the Argentinian guestsinger Omar Mollo, will be played in The Netherlands only 11 times.

Action in De Balie in Amsterdam, Friday 24 September.

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