The start of celebrating ‘Beemster 400’

This year its 400 years ago that the beautiful polder where I live in, was formed by drainage of the land. To celebrate the Beemster 400 there are many events you can come to. Please visit the website: In honor of this festive occasion we decided that The Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble will perform twice in the Beemster Keyser in Middenbeemster on may 18th, 2012.

Each Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble concert of 45 minutes, will be after the panpipes performance (25 min) of Matthijs Koene who also lives in the Beemster.

The concerts start at 19.00h and 21.00h for €12 (or €8 with a discountcard). You can pre-order your tickets by e-mailing to: Dont forget to put in your name, phonenumber and adress, and concert time (19.00 or 21.00)

I’ll see you there on may 18th!

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