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19 – Nov, Weert
Liberación Theatershow

28 – Nov, Haarlem
Liberación Theatershow

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Liberación is a theatrical music concert that talks about running away, refugees, taking coverage and freedom; and how music plays a role on this.
It is a multidisciplinary theatrical concert where you will experience of music, images, space, light and stage work fusion.
This production is a logical next step to the development which the CKE has experienced over the past few years. The first step was a decoration received by Carel Kraayenhof in 2005. Here the Argentinian government recognized him for his innovative work and for placing the Tango in the heart of the world music’s international scene. This gave Carel the inspiration to take new musical steps, keeping the Tango as a base concept. Not only the musical content, but also the intensification of the musical performance is what attracted him. This development was seen already in the productions Compassion and Puro, where the theatrical element and the intensification of experiences were explored.
Liberación will take the necessary steps forward. The unspoken dialog between image, music, space and movement merged in a form of symphonic piece, enlarging and intensifying the senses of the experience. Carel Kraayenhof looked for, and found, theater makers who were searching for this same concept. Director/concept designer Jos Groenier, film producer Joost Gulien and light designer Uri Rapaport form the trio who are starting to develop more and more theater productions based on ‘intensifying the music experience’. “De zever zonden”Oude muziek met Gerrit Komrij, (received 5 starts review from the NRC newspaper), solo piece from Wibi Soerjabi, “Wolkenstein” with Andreas Scholl, “You, what about me?” which opened the Erasmus Festival, “Broers” from the Royal Theater in The Hague.
Content wise this show revolves around one of the most sensitive topics of the moment; currently people are fleeing their countries, become homeless, stay in refugee camps, end up in miserable situations risking their lives. It is partially motivated by politics and partially by economy, but in both cases it is threatening. The music is inspired by several music styles that can be associated with taking coverage, freedom and running away; at times with images that reflect these same themes.
With the exception of a few deliberate and dramatic imperative classics, the show’s music consists of all new compositions. Liberación must be made because our world is on fire. Because we cannot close our eyes for all the people who are forced to flee their homes and wonder around the world, hoping to find a peaceful place, where they can lay down their heads and raise their children safely, not having to worry about their lives or their freedom.
Our artistic vision has to objective to try to make this survival motion somewhat concrete. To make a humane connection to the refugee boat, that goes deeper than a news article.
Please note that this is not a didactic theater. Liberación is fully artistic product about human emotions and reflection. Liberación has to be made because we need to research how we, artists, can, have to and want to survive at this moment in time. The more realistic we are about society, the more relevant we can make art. Not methodical and pedagogic, but confronting: what is freedom, what is threat, what is fear, what is to feel lost! Liberación has to be made because it is a new opportunity to use multiple disciplines in order to come up with a greater, more dramatic, exchange of emotions. With this show we want to reach new audiences, the younger audience for example (specially with this high trending topic). For this reason we are reaching out to students, we are performing on the 5th of May (the date when the Dutch celebrate freedom) at the Muziekbegouw (Amsterdam) and we are contacting the Red Cross and refugee organizations.
This all not forgetting our first goal; which is to make a touching, artistic and high quality theater production.

The show is made by:
Carel Kraayenhof, Musical leader/composer/arrangeer
Jos Groenier, Director/concept designer
Joost Gulien, Video editor/animator
Uri Rapaport, Light designer/technical artistic coordinator
Thirza Lourens, Producer

And en performed by:
Carel Kraayenhof, bandoneón
Juan Pablo Dobal, piano and compositions
Bert Vos, 1st violin
Iefke Wang, 2nd violin
Jan Willem Troost, celo
Jaap Branderhorst, double bass

Bando Dreams VOF is in charge of the show sales. Thirza Loures, director of the Clavel Rojo Foundation, is the producer. We aim for 25 shows with an average of 600 spectators.