Sommer Column Carel Kraayenhof – Cats

What I like about cats, is that in our relationship hierarchy never is an issue: far from being able to describe myself as their owner, they choose to co-exist with me.
To put it more accurate: the bottom line is that they are convinced that they are in charge.
The cats who live with us are Blokje and her son Beer (Bear), who is twice as big; long time ago they seem to have lost all awareness about their family relationship, but their common goal is usually the same: food and affection when needed. I don´t know how they manage, but they always give me the feeling that I should be grateful for rendering them a service, when I open a door for them, feed them or bring them to the vet.Katten
And here I am, working like a madman composing and arranging music all day through,
and there is Beer, lying in the grass like a sunbathing tourist, looking at me through the open window; do I see indifference in his half closed eyes, or does he actually have pity on me?
That´s the thing with cats; they seldom share their opinion with you openly.
Even when Blokje rubs her head affectionately against my leg, I realise I feel proud that
it´s my leg she has chosen, not a random one of the kitchen table.

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