Summer column Carel Kraayenhof – Yoga

This summer, Carel will write a few columns about his private live. He post them on Tuesday on his facebook. After this he will post them also on his website. Have fun reading them.

Since about two years I do yoga: as, over the last thirty years, my bandoneon playing didn´t seem to loosen up any muscles except for my fingers and my brain, I decided to try to achieve some flexibility in other parts of my body.
That is to say: my wife Thirza persuaded me to do a beginner´s course in Amsterdam at the Nieuwe Yogaschool with Johan Noorloos, who soon became a close friend. With Johan we went to his yoga-retreat in Malaga, and after that I started taking classes close to my home in the Beemster with yogateacher Leigh MacDonald, who has been his student. At first I tried to explain to my twin sons how wonderful Leigh´s yoga turned out to be for me, but my boys kept on telling me that yoga is for sissies. So now, when they ask me where I go, I simply say: I´m off to McDonald´s…

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