Concert Maastricht – Derlon Hotel

There are a few cities where Carel Kraayenhof & Juan Pablo Dobal just do not visit enough times. Maastricht is such a city. Thanks to the invitation of Hotel Derlon Maastricht’s General Manager (Sione Götte) the duo Kraayenhof & Dobal will perform at the beautiful, romantic and timeless Theater Cafe La Bonbonnière on December 22nd.
In collaboration with the Hotel Derlon you can book a ticket together with an overnight in Maastricht and a special theater dinner. The musicians will perform their program Hotel Victoria. In this program the nostalgic memories of touring are brought back to life and the meaning Hotel Victoria, in Mendossa (North of Argentina) has for traveling musicians in that country. In the music you can hear the adventure, but also the longing for home. How many evenings and nights don’t end after the concert in the dressing room of a theatre or in the hotel bar, where the bandoneón is pulled out of its case and the old hotel piano is opened once again… And that you wake up and have forgotten where you are…
A musicians life is a crazy beautiful life, that of a ‘loco lindo’!
An evening full of amazing music, from the Argentinian folklore to tango, milonga, zamba, chacarera, cueca, guarania and also own compositions. For bookings please visit:

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