Concert tip: Dino Saluzzi – October 26 in Amsterdam

We would like to share with you that the bandoneonist Dino Saluzzi will perform on the 26th of October at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam and on the 11th of November at the Lantaren/Venster in Rotterdam. We will for sure be present at the concert in Amsterdam.

With El valle de la infancia the now 81 years old Argentinean bandoneonist/composer/arrangeur Dino Saluzzi returns to his roots in the North West of Argentina. Together with musicians out of his own family Saluzzi explores a wide pallet of rhythms and melodies, from zamba to carnavelito or even a chacarera. But the music of Buenos Aires will also be present. In Saluzzi’s refined and versatile tango interpretations you can feel the base of their origins, the milonga.
Dino Saluzzi received in 2014 the Edison World award for El valle de la infancia. With an amazing interaction the CD touches “not only the base of the volk music, but also the essence from Saluzzi’s own extensive works”; words from the Edison jury.

Dino Saluzzi was only seven years old when his father, the composer and multi-intrument player Cayetano Saluzzi taught him to play different instruments. The bandoneon quickly became his favourite and at 14 he dominated the instrument well enough to start and lead his own band, Trio Carnaval. Somewhat in the shadows from Astor Piazzolla he has created works at least as impressive as the works from the other great Argentinian masters. Saluzzi always distanced himself from Piazzolla’s ‘tango nuevo’ and highlighted in interviews that he was not involved in making intellectual art music, but music that could touch the widest range of emotions possible.

Saluzzi’s music is composed of a complex, but always accessible, mix of tango, jazz and volk music, with some traces of classic music. He has performed with famous jazz musician such as Gato Barbieri, Charlie Heden, Charlie Mariano and Al DiMeola. In 2010 he has recorded with his trio and The Metropole Strings a beautiful, and by now well sold, album entitled El Encuentro. This was the debut from The Metropole and Jules Buckley at the ECM records label.

Dino Saluzzi is unparalleled. That is another reason why last year ECM records brought out the album Imágenes, with Saluzzi’s compositions for piano. Dino’s style is absolutely unique and deviates from Piazzolla’s style because he comes from Campo Santo, an isolated village in the north of Argentina. When his father put a bandoneon for the first times on his hands the message must have been clear “Go ahead and start playing tango, but don’t forget to put in it the influence of the indians from our region and the imprint that breath taking beauty of the nature has left on us”. (

This is an unique chance to see this, 81 years old, legend on stage in The Netherlands!

Dino Saluzzi – bandoneon
Jose María Saluzzi – guitar
Félix ‘Cuchara’ Saluzzi – tenor saxophone / clarinet
Matías Saluzzi – double bass
U.T. Gandhi – drums / percussion

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