Review concert Kraayenhof Tango Ensemble on Bonaire

Carel Kraayenhof and his Tango Ensemble concerts were a great success.

On Fridaz 8th November the San Bernardo church was a veritable music temple. The Classical Music Board Bonaire organised a memorable school and evening concert.

550 children attended the school concert during which Carel and a few students of Violeta Rosario performed together a few pieces they had rehearsed the afternoon before. It was a delight to see how Carel united his own ensemble with the students.

The children were enthralled by the performances which Carel explained and Mevris Pijpers translated into Papiamento.

The evening performance was sold out. The church had been turned into a beautiful concert venue with palm trees, excellent sound facilities, atmospheric lighting and a large video screen so even the people in the back rows could see what was going on.

Argentine tangos written by Astor Piazzolla created their own special emotional atmosphere. The audience very generously showed their appreciation.

The ensemble was a wonderful example of unity and individual virtuosity giving great power, strength and emotion to the music. The Argentinian pianist Juan Pablo Dobal drew much attention with his elegant and technically perfect playing. Bert Vos, the lead violinist was equally amazing and of course Carel with his natural charm and humilty was a joy to watch and listen to. From the way he played the Bandoneon it is clear why he is world famous. The sensitive melodies and Carels playing showed off the versatility of the instrument.  Carel has himself composed many tangos and he treated us to a few of his own compositions, where even his hometown in the Netherlands inspired him to write.

The audience was so appreciative that a few encores were given. The committee members of the Classical Music Board were asked if they could organise more such concerts and use the church as venue. It is hoped that a good start has been made in developing a fruitful relationship with the church.

On saturday 14 December there will the traditionele December Holiday Concert.

The CMBB thank all of its sponsors, The Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds Caribisch Gebied and its many friends for making it possible to hold classical concerts on Bonaire. Please do support us and check out our website




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