Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble to Indonesia.

Yogyakarta paleisFor the second time in the existance of the ensemble the musicians will travel to Indonesia, invited by Ton van Zeeland, director of the Erasmus House in Jakarta, to give a number of concerts and workshops.
During the stay in Indonesia Dennis van Driel will replace our sound-technician Rimmert van Lummel. We are very grateful towards the Fund for the Stage-arts, because it promised us a travel-subsidy for the 9 flying-tickets (6 musicians, manager, sound-technician and cello). Without this financial support this journey would not have been possible.
The first concert will take place in the ‘Komunitas Salihara’ in Jakarta. This is a beautiful theatre/galery in which western as well as local projects are being programmed. The day after this concert, 29 May, our musicians will give a workshop Argentinian tango in the Erasmus House. From our experience of two years ago we know that this always will draw very motivated musicians. We already enjoy this special day. The workshop-musicians recently received the tango-compositions from Jaap Branderhorst, our double-bassplayer and coordinator workshops, so that they can prepare themselves.
Our concert in the Erasmus House, in which also the workshop-musicians will participate, will take place on 30 May.
On 31 May we will travel to Yogyakarta, university-city and known because of the batik-industry. On the conservatory I.C.I. of Yogyakarta we will give a masterclass Argentinian tango that day.
That we ever should give a concert in the ‘kraton’ of the Sultan was just a dream. And yet this dream comes true! On 1 June we will give a concert in the middle of the palace ‘Keraton Ngayogyaka’. Tickets for this concert are available on May 28, Indonesian-Dutch Cultural Center,Suryodiningratan 37-B, accross Hotel Brongto, Yogyakarta.
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