Argentinian Tango on Unesco-list

The Argentinian writer Ana Sebastián, known for the book ‘History of the Tango’, which she wrote together with Luis Labraña, asked the permission of known tango-musicians to use their names in order to accomplish that the Argentinian tango should be placed on the list of ‘Cultural Immaterial Heritage’ of Unesco.She approached a.o. the bandoneonplayer Robert D. Alvarez and also Carel Kraayenhof.Last week Carel received a letter from the Argentinian Minister of Culture, Hernán Lombardi, with the announcement that it had succeeded and that he wanted to thank Carel personally!

You can read this letter by clicking on the logo of the city of Buenos Aires, left at the bottom of your screen.

Argentinian Minister of Culture thanks Carel Kraayenhof

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