Argentinian-tangobaby expected by Sebastiaan van Delft.

After a fantastic summerholiday the musicians of ‘Carel Kraayenhof and Sexteto Canyengue’ restarted the rehearsals for the coming season. Next weekend we will give concerts on two beautiful open-air locations in Bloemendaal and Avegoor.On 22# August we are allowed to open the prestigious international musicfestival in Bremen with three concerts on 1 night!More about Bremen in the next newsitems.

But what we really want to share with you is that our pianist Sebastiaan van Delft and his Eva are expecting their firstborn in December.Sebastiaan, who is the permanent pianist for ‘Carel Kraayenhof and Sexteto Canyengue’ since 10 years in September, is a supremely happy man!We’ll keep you informed!Don’t forget to make a note: Premiere ‘Compassion’, 6# November in the Meervaart, Amsterdam, 020 4107777.

Carel Kraayenhof and his musicians look forward to the arrival of the tangobaby in December.

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