Tangowedding of the bass player of ‘Carel Kraayenhof and Sexteto Canyengue’.

Last Wednesday 12# August Carel and Thirza mastered the new CD ‘Compassion’ in Amsterdam. We are reaching the final stage of this fine new product.Carel and Thirza are now going to write the texts for the CD-leaflet and step by step they will inform the Netherlands about this beautiful new CD with five (!) brandnew compositions of Carel’s hand.

Perhaps it will strike you this weekend during the concerts in Bloemendaal and Avegoor, that our bass player Jaap Branderhorst looks so happy. Well, we can inform you that he is going to marry his Helmi on 1# September.In the presence of their two beautiful daughters and a few relatives and friends they will say yes to each other. Later on there will be a big celebration.Don’t forget to make a note: Premiere ‘Compassion’ 6# November in the Meervaart, Amsterdam 020 4107777.

Jaap Branderhorst is going to marry his Helmi on 1# September.

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