Tango-frog surprises Carel Kraayenhof in Theatre Caprera in Bloemendaal.

Last weekend the weathergods were very well-disposed towards us. It was a beautiful evening during our concert in Bloemendaal and even a sultry summernight last Sunday in Ellecom.During the concert last Friday in his solo ‘Compasion’ Carel played a wrong note in an unusual place. After ending the composition Carel took the microphone and explained to the audience that he had lost his concentration for a moment, because a frog had climbed from the pond upon the stage and came with large steps in the direction of Carel’s foot.It came only halfway the stage though and after that preferred the water again.On a number of radiostations Carel was congratulated last Friday with his 51# birthday. However, the presenters were a day early. Carel had his birthday on Saturday 15 August.By the way, in Carel’s name thanks a lot for the presents and congratulations he received.

The last preparations for the ‘Musikfest Bremen have started. Our opening-concert on 22 August is most likely going to be a treasure. After that on 26 August ‘Latin Night’, when Sexteto Canyengue will play together with the Absolute Ensemble, one expects a 2,5 hours lasting spectacle, with never before played and especially for this festival written compositions.More info: www.musikfestival-bremen.de

Pond by Theatre Caprera lodges bewitched prince!

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