Benefit concert for Musicians without Borders

The nice thing about music is that it is an international communication tool that brings countries, cultures and religions together and fades away borders that have been created voluntarily and unvolutarily. Bringing together is the goal of the foundation Musicians without Borders by organising projects, concerts and conferences. With this intention lots of successful projects have been generated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo and the Middle-East.
Musician without Borders also doesn’t have borders when it comes to music, from traditional choirmusic to Bach to the Ramones, everything is more then welcome. Carel Kraayenhof and Juan Pablo Dobal share their music with a beautiful benefit performance on October 6th at 16:00 in the Robijn Concertzaal organized by Ympa piano’s in collaboration with Musicians without Borders.
There are still tickets available which you can reserve for 15 euro that also includes a drink during the meet&greet after the concert. For more information you can consult our agenda or


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