Broadcasting Corporation Gelderland – Radio-programme ‘Halte 7’.

On Friday 27 November Carel Kraayenhof has to get up early, because from 10:00 till 12:00 he is a guest in the radio-programme ‘Halte 7’ of Broadcasting Corporation Gelderland.Every workingday from 10:00 till 12:00 Marian Thurlings and Peter van den Hout present the morning-programme ‘Halte 7’, a varied coffee-programme with much discussed guests, games and of course lots of music.Further a listener tells about his or her special day. Also there are regular items like Gelderland Morningstar with Marc Loeven, Smash Hit, The Cake of Gelderland and Three in the Pan with Wiepke Nauta. And on Friday Willem te Molder with the game ‘What does Willem make True!’.

Do you want to listen live to this programme?That’s also possible on the internet: new CD ‘Compassion’ is now also available on

Carel Kraayenhof a guest in ‘Halte 7’.

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